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In the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program famed renegade pawnbroker and best-selling author of the book Pawnonomics, Steve Krupnik, reveals his radically different proven systems for turning your pawnshop business into a consistently smooth operating maximum profit generating machine that's admired in your community and valued by your customers. These being the key to your emotional independence from your business and your financial freedom in your business. In his program you will find yourself nodding as you go along, most likely saying to yourself, "This guy has been where I live." He has.

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What Pawn Shop Advisor™ Clients Are Saying:

As a State President I have recommended to well over 100 old and new pawnbrokers that they subscribe to Steve Krupnik's "Email Tips". Such a wealth of information and insights it boggles the mind. Did I mention that it is still free? The mere thought warm the cockles of this old pawnbrokers heart.

David I. Schoeneman
3rd Generation Pawnbroker

Over the 22 years I have been a pawnbroker I have purchased every, and I mean every, pawn book that has been offered for sale. But I didn't buy Steve Krupnik's "Pawn Shop Advisor".

Well not for almost 2 years anyway. I am glad I finally overcame my pride and pulled out the Visa. Not only is it insightful and well written, but it also clearly states the operating philosophy's necessary for single shop operators to not just survive the coming tide of corporate pawn chains but to thrive. Thanks Steve!

Adam Bohlmann, Owner
Pawn Duluth

Steve's video tips and emails are great and the best part free, the coaching program has paid for itself many times over, our company has made thousands of dollars from Steve's ideas and sound business practices. Do yourself a favor spend a few hundred dollars on Steve's program it'll be one of the best investments you've ever made into your pawn business.

Robbie Whitten
CEO Money Mizer Pawns & Jewelers

The Pawn Shop Advisor course is great. It will change the way you think about your Business. It even made me feel better about paying taxes.

Brian Givens
Rockwood Jewelry & Loan
Mid-South Pawnbrokers

One of the most important lessons learned over the course of 37 years business experience is find the "go to guys". Steve, I have found you to be genuine, honest, classy and a "go to guy" in the pawn industry.

Cliff Zlotnik
Sparklez, LLC dba Gem Loanz

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Fourteen Power-Packed Sections

In the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program, highly successful 30 year pawnbroker Steve Krupnik promises to pull back the curtain and reveal:

  • Why the current view you have of your business may not be accurate and how it could be keeping you from far greater success and prosperity. (Section 9)
  • How to automate and systematize many of the routine tasks in your pawnshop that currently have a ball and chain around your ankle. (Section 11)
  • What your back room accounting procedures should be and why your current ones could be costing you a fortune. (Section 12)
  • How to update your current methods of storing pledged merchandise to save time, space, and money, and how to never lose another piece again. (Section 10)
  • How to attract and hire the best employees without going through the painful process you currently use. (Section 4)
  • How to adjust your business with ease to remain smooth running and profitable during any economic downturn or crisis. (Section 8)
  • How to implement expert systems into your pawn shop that will have you working less and making more automatically. (Section 13)
  • What inventory management methods will work best for your pawnshop while maximizing profit and minimizing risk. (Section 7)
  • Why your current management approach could be unprofitable, unreasonable, and not working to your expectations. (Section 1)
  • What the biggest mistake is that's made by nearly everyone in the business when it comes to marketing and advertising. (Section 5)
  • How to attract positive media attention that's free and puts your public relations program on autopilot. (Section 6)
  • What the best systems are for utilizing cutting-edge technology in your pawnshop business to benefit you and your customers. (Section 3)
  • How to attract the most profitable customers and keep them coming back to your pawnshop again and again. (Section 2)
  • What the best systems are for employee pay and bonuses that really cause them to take a greater interest in their career and in your business. (Section 4)
  • How to successfully send a message of trust and confidence to your customers utilizing proven nonverbal communication skills. (Section 14)
  • And much much more.

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You can put many of these revolutionary strategies to work almost instantly to experience an IMMEDIATE influx of customers and cash in your pawnshop business. Best of all, the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program is designed put the fun and joy back into being a pawnbroker. It will bring back that "new to the business" excitement in your career and your life.

Preview a Section FREE!

If you click on the free preview button, by entering your contact information you will be able to electronically download the entire 25 page "Employee Systems" section of the program for free. Steve chose this section for your free preview because pawn shop employees are the number one difficulty that has been brought to his attention over the years by many experienced pawnbrokers.

This is also the reason he wrote and produced the Pawn Shop Performer™ coaching program for your employees. In sharing the "Employee Systems" section with you for free, he is confident you will realize that his systems, no matter how uncommon, are based on common sense, solid business practices, and opportunistic thinking. This section will be e-mailed to you in a PDF format and is virus free.

If you prefer to get your free preview in audio form, click on the Free CD button. By entering your contact information you will be mailed the "Employee Systems" section of the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program on audio CD, free of charge.

Your Total Investment

Steve could easily charge $5,000 or more for the information contained in the 14 section workbook of the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program. Even one or two of the systems contained in the program when implemented could easily benefit you in your pawnshop business by a far greater amount. But Steve makes this program available to you at a total price of only $467 shipping included and there are several payment options available. Click the order now button or call Steve's customer service department toll-free at 866-870-5127 to discover how this new information can be in your hands within days. Pawnbrokers worldwide have been reaping the benefits of what's to be learned in this groundbreaking program. By clicking on the order button today the revolutionary information in the program will be on its way to you tomorrow.

Steve's "No Weenie" Guarantee

Because of the successes of his growing list of clients, Steve is willing to assume all of your risk by offering you a full six month "No Weenie" guarantee. 30 days, or even 90 days isn't near enough time for you to discover you're going to see real meaningful results in your pawn shop business with this program. That's why Steve's confidently giving you a full 6 months to get it working for you. This guarantee to you is as long as you participate in the program in some way, and apply some of the program into your business, you will experience a smoother running and more profitable pawnshop business than you ever have before - PERIOD! You have nothing to lose. The Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program guarantees a more successful you!

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Order Now and Receive 3 FREE Bonuses!

Free GiftOrder now and you will also receive a 90 minute DVD of a seminar Steve gave at the NPA Pawn Expo in Las Vegas entitled "Everything You Know About Marketing is Wrong". Steve gave this pawnshop marketing seminar to a packed house and the pawnbrokers in attendance are still talking about the presentation. Act quickly because Steve's live seminars are one-of-a-kind and will never be repeated. Once these bonuses are gone, they're gone.

Be one of the next 50 to invest in yourself and your pawnshop business and you will also receive a 60 min. DVD of a live presentation Steve gave in 2010 entitled "Moving Inventory in Your Pawnshop in a Tough Economy". This presentation shows you how to not just survive in this emerging unknown economy but to actually prosper and benefit from it.

And if you are one of the next 25 to invest in the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program you will also receive a 60 min. DVD of a live presentation Steve gave in 2011 that has never been seen except by those in the sold-out room entitled "Competing With The Gold Buyers". Implementing several of the ideas presented in this action-packed seminar will cover your investment immediately. Guaranteed!

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Steve Says: Believe me; I meet pawnshop owners all the time who wish for greater success in their pawnbroking business. But I meet far fewer who, like you, are willing to do something about it. Do something about it today with the Pawn Shop Advisor™ coaching program. "It's Like an Owner's Manual for Your Pawnshop™"

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You can also order by telephone by calling the customer service department toll-free at 866-870-5127 but call today to get in on the free bonuses while they're available. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain in your pawnshop.

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